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Digital Imaging

Single Lens Reflex (SLR) camera uses the same lens for viewing and shooting ie what you see is what you get either on film or in digital form. This type of camera is for the serious hobbyists and professionals but in recent times, many photographers are upgrading from point-and-shoot compact cameras with in-built lens to SLR due to affordability with the low priced SLRs.

The benefit of the SLR is the ability to change lens from normal zoom to wide angle, portrait, special lens such as fish-eye view, telephoto, fast speed and super zoom features thus giving the discerning photographer the multiple choices.

There are two dominant players in the SLR camera industry and they are Canon and Nikon who together share about 80% of the market. So there is the SLR shipment segment as well as the Interchangeable Lens market segment which are covered by statistics provided by the Camera & Imaging Products Association of Japan. The Association in an outlook press release in January 2009 stated that the SLR camera market will grow at a faster rate than the point-and-shoot camera in the next 2 years.

Some SLR camera components manufactured by Notion

  • Cam barrel is a component used for changing the focal length of the lens which is part of the zoom.
  • Lens mounting ring is where the lens can be mounted on to camera body.
  • An assortment of inner cam barrel for the camera lens as well as internal camera parts.