Business Segments Digital Storage

There are a number of factors that made digital storage as one of our key focuses. Firstly, the HDD market has been growing with the usage of shingled magnetic recording (SMR) technology and helium drives that enhances gigabyte storage capacity. Secondly, the data universe continues to grow at double-digit growth rate making HDD devices still relevant due to its economic bulk storage capacity. Though With the ever-changing landscape, the group is keen in exploring other growing industries and services for opportunities as well.

Business Segments Automotive

In the automotive sector, we’re very much focused on Electronic Braking System (EBS) components. Demand is constantly high, due to the need for multiple hydraulic parts required per EBS.

Business Segments EMS Accessories

This segment formerly called the Engineered Products comprising Camera and EMS (electronic manufacturing services) accessories is renamed EMS Accessories reflecting the growth of the EMS manufacture.
We have key customers in high end electrical appliances for house-holds and commercial, microwaves, contract manufacturers in this space. The main focus is metal fabrication, laser cut, robotic laser welding, surface finishing, extrusion technology and various engineering processes of casting, stamping and machining. It requires a total engineering approach to satisfy customers’ needs.

Business Segments Healthcare Products

In 2020, the Group embarked on a new high growth business segment Healthcare Products to include manufacture of 3 ply surgical face mask and medical N95 respirators under the house brand “Novid” for local and exports markets. It is total integrated manufacture including upstream production of PP polypropylene non-woven melt-blown filter fabric and also PP resins.

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