Our Services Fully Committed to Efficiency and Added Value Services

To showcase our spirit of excellence to our valued partners, every work phase is thoroughly planned and executed using our engineering expertise that utilises cutting edge CNC machinery. From consultation to implementation, you can be assured of our high level of commitment when it comes to our services. All production factors are carefully coordinated so that our production output is precise and efficient.

Product Development

Phase 1 : Conceptual phase
Conceptual phase: In a first step, product sample, drawings & specifications are obtained from customers, defining all product features within the customer’s requests. At this stage of the discussion, we will propose a tentative method of manufacture and obtain an appropriate response from customer on the most feasible route.

Phase 2 : Development phase
During the development phase, the product features and customer’s requests are defined in the specifications are realized. Samples of our proposed method of manufacture will be furnished to customer for their acceptance. We would have developed toolings, jigs & fixtures necessary for the production of the product.

Phase 3 : Acceptance phase
During the acceptance phase, we work through the planned production control plan, the quality assurance plan, washing and surface coating plan, final inspection plan until the customer gives us the go ahead for mass production.

Quality Assurance

We have a strict quality control policy during materials testing, before and during production by in-line Process Quality Control methods and also Statistical Process Control to ensure quality and product assurance is achieved. Here, we have state-of-art equipment guarantees exact conformity to quality requirements.

  • Digital dial gauges
  • Accurate gauges for dimensional compliance
  • Coordinating Measurement Machines
  • Optical profile projectors
  • Measurement tools

Tooling & Fixtures Development

Our independence, thanks to our own tool grinding shop and development of forming and cutting tools in our own tool shop, gives us decisive advantages as far as precision, productivity and fast turnaround times are concerned. We ensure high precision in mass production by manufacturing tools, jigs and fixtures to the highest accuracy.

To successfully fulfil the high requirements with regard to precision and economically efficient machining cycle-time, we manufacture our tools from all kinds of different types of carbide and hard metals.

Process Engineering

After the product development is completed, the process development defines how the desired products will be produced.Starting from the design drawings, the individual operations are defined. The required work packages are defined and production plans prepared. Advanced quality planning runs parallel with this. Upon approvals from all parties concerned, the implementation phase may start.

Once the work packages are implemented, the production of the product starts. During production, realization is continuously monitored and checked and the production flow adapted. After the completion of this stage and approval from the customer, the production of the first series parts will start.

Mechanical Machining Processes

With ownership of 1,600 CNC machines, this gives us the flexibility in the manufacturing processes, achieving the least machine cycle time.

This also enables a wide variety of machining operations, each capable to generate a certain part geometry and surface texture.

Our mechanical machining processes include:

  • Turning
  • Drilling
  • Boring
  • Milling

Surface Treatment

Many of our produced machined parts require further surface coating for durability, corrosion prevention, hardness and toughness. Currently, we are utilising two surface treatment technologies: Electro-less Nickel and Anodising/Hard Anodising.

We have the aluminium anodising line for coating most of the camera components. Anodic films are generally much stronger and more adherent than most types of paint and metal plating, making them less likely to crack and peel.

Precision Washing Technology

Using a series of chemical, hot water, mechanical agitation and ultra-sonic washing we are able to ensure dirt free components.